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Afghans came about only because I put my house up for sale ! The prospective purchasers invited us to a New Years Eve Party, and there I met.............


Life has never been the same since !!!!

I had always thought that afghans were glorified FLUFFY TOYS and at the time I owned A WEIMARANER.


Here I must mention that Breeding colours began when I created a new variety of Gerbil - Pearl Dove ( Guess what, a shade of BLUE )!

By the end of the party I have fallen in love with this regal dog who demanded attention from all around. I fell for his Jet Black coat, he was dripping in it! I knew I had to have one but we were moving house - not the ideal time for a puppy you will agree. So with help from FLINTS owner and breeder I set sbout finding an adult bitch, carrying colour to put to FLINT once we were settled !

I was now an A.H.R addict, knew I loved the fabulous Coastwinds & Grandeur lines and was over the moon to be offered a Coastwinds Holyman GRANDAUGHTER


( "Pearl", Khinjan Lady Pearl at Jalhar )

The reality was a nightmare, I met a frightened, clipped and dirty bitch, who has been mated several times only producing few puppies and was now over 5 years old. I felt sorry her and my heart "ruled my head" so I paid 85 for her and gladly took her home !

My husband sat in antisipation,  remember: it was his, hard earnt cash I had just handed over ! A present for me, but also an investment into a much loved future hobby.

Pearl had to be dragged through our front door, and proceeded to do her business everywhere. My husbands words are not printable. With much time and special care and attention she did mend. She hadn't had an easy life, the original owners had been killed when she was a youngster and with her irregular seasons she had gone from person to person until she ended up with me ! In time with care, love and attention she became a loving member of our family. Pearl had just one litter with me and then was spayed and became a couch potato. Her litter was a RAINBOW of colours. In the end not by Flint. I wanted Pearl settled before I mated her. Which took some time while I was waiting Flint's owners had a litter by him;
I fell for a domino boy,

( "Taj", Pahlevi Unique Dominic at Jalhar )

And I needed a bitch, Litter Sister

( "Ashya", Pahlevi Undoubtabley Chic at Jalhar )

Just in case I never got a Puppy from Pearl

Through Flint's breeder I was introduced to Annette Jones and her wonderful Pahlevi Afghans. She was a lady who kept her cards close to her chest, her knowledge of colour breeding and genetics was invaluable, once aware of your commitment her help was unlimited. Without her I would not have what I have today. If you look behind most Colour Bred English pedigrees you will find her breeding. It is a great loss to the breed she is no longer active and I hope one day to tempt her out !!

( Since writing this in 2000 - Annette is now Showing succesfully again with Jalhar bred stock - we are so glad to see her back in the ring again!)

Annette had a peach domino dog

( "Ozzy", Pahlevi Astral Dust )

He had an outgoing temperament, loads of coat and excellent lay of shoulder and upper arm. Together will Pearl they would give me colour with correct breed characteristics. I could then put one of these puppies to Flint's children. Pearl had only one bitch which was

( "Jewel", Jalhar Jewel In the Crown )

Which I kept as well as one dog:

( "Josh", Jalhar Jazzman )

He was well on his way to gaining his Junior Warrant ( Old System ) but all failed when I came down with Meningitis.

Pearls original breeders the Hattarells ( Khinjan ) had a daughter from her one previous litter, from this they bred quite a successful litter of perfumes, Anais Anais, Oscar Dela Renta, etc. - Shown by Sarah Hattarell and Jenny Dove.

From Sarah's Bitch, she had a litter which produced Jackie Harnett's CoCo, who has since gone to Australia.

This means Pearl has left her mark quite literally WORLDWIDE !

Though having showed Afghans before, as well as shown and judged Horses for years, owning Champion Gerbils and even Tropical Fish ( in the days of Belle Vue ) - I now began to Campaign my own Afghans seriously. Becoming well and truly hooked, showing, judging and breeding ever since !



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