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Jalhar Racers
Hounds of Jalhar

Welcome to the home of Jalhar Afghans

The 'Jalhar Afghans' affix was founded in 1987.

Since founded, Jalhar has produced 1 English Champion, 4 Res CC Winners,
9 Stud Book Number Holders and 1 International Champion.

Over the years Jalhar aimed for type, sound temperament, movement, construction as well as fabulous colours.

Unfortunately, in 2001 the long term ill health of Liz forced her to begrudgingly close her Afghan show kennel.
Now in remission, health issues sadly prevent Liz from keeping Afghans again, due to the high quality care and physical effort of grooming that they require.

 The Jalhar flag is still being flown by other dedicated afghan hound enthusiasts in the show ring,
the racing circuit and even on the couch!

Liz sends her thanks to those of you who supported her when times were hard due to her ill health.
Special thanks to Nikki Dean ( Jahera ), Debbie Newson
( Fairport ), Keith Harvey ( Bashanabad ), John Bell, her friends & family.

In 2005 - Liz remarried and lives with her husband Mick Edge also her children Rebecca and Rhiannon in Stone, Staffordshire.

These pages show the history of the Jalhar kennel including past and current successes.


(c) Jalhar Afghans 2006