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Jalhar Racers
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Jalhar Racers

All Jalhar dogs love to race.

We have all over the country dogs in many of the race teams .We have had representatives in most Intertracks since first starting in 1987.Our best race dog to date has been Jalhar a thing called love (Joshua)

owned by Keith Harvey , myself and the late Sue Schedler, he has his racing championship , and was also fastest dog at the 1999 intertrack , he has not even reached his prime yet. So watch this space for latest news,
All my dogs in the past raced at Warick and Hinckley, Taj, Josh, Ashya, Amber,and Simba

all raced for the Intertrack , Taj was still racing at 10 years old.

Floyd was consistantly raced at Hinckley and was part of the Cetral Racers Intertrack Team:

At central I have Kushka and Pantha , a new black baby due to start.
Down south I have now got a few racing ,Katie and Echo are one this season
and really great hopes are pinned on them after really fast puppy romp times.
Jags will also be 1yrs old in march so he can race as well.

I hope to keep up with any race results from any Jalhars

( This was the racing page at the time of writing in 2000 before my ill health and has not been updated since.
Anyone reading this with pictures, articles or news of any Jalhar dogs please contact me and this page will be updated accordingly. I would love to hear how Jalhar dogs are getting on! )


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