Kennel Club Registered Name of Dog:


            Kennel Club Registered Number:


            Microchip number:


            Breed: Beagle


            Date of Birth:






Details of Both Parties


            Breeder’s Name: Mr M & Mrs E Edge


Breeder’s Address: Canal View, 61 Navigation Loop, Stone,  Staffordshire, ST15 8ZH


Breeder’s Telephone Number: 01785 813783




            New Owner’s Name:


            New Owner’s Address:


            New Owner’s Telephone:



We the breeder’s have taken every care with breeding, rearing and the welfare of the Dog. Every effort has been made to ensure your dog is healthy in body and mind, and is sold subject to it being understood that as a living creature it is impossible to predict how it will continue to develop, especially as regards behaviour over which you will have the principal influence. We advise that new owners take the dog to their vet as soon after purchase for a general check and advice on inoculations and worming. The puppy will have been wormed at least three times before leaving its mother.


The New Owner shall have 3 days to have the dog examined by a practising veterinary surgeon and shall have the right during a period not exceeding 7 days after such examination to return the dog because of a defect. On production of a written report from the said veterinary surgeon a full refund will be given.

Should it become necessary the new owner should be aware that the return of a dog can be very difficult especially emotionally and, having drawn the attention of the new owners to this, the Breeder cannot be held responsible for any distress caused by the return of the dog.


Under Kennel Club regulations, there are two endorsements that have been placed on the dog’s record; these are to safeguard the welfare of the puppy and the breed. One endorsement prevents export of the dog and the other prevents the registering of the dog’s offspring. Both of these endorsements can be lifted by us should you have a bona-fide reason to emigrate or to breed from your dog.


The new owner’s agree that if, at any stage in the dog’s life, the new owner’s need to rehome the dog, the Breeder’s will be the first to be informed and the new owner’s will, if the Breeder’s requests, return the dog to the Breeders. The breeder’s will offer every reasonable assistance to find a new home.


You have been provided with the food the puppy has been reared on, any changes should be gradual. Puppies should be fed 4 meals a day to about 3 months of age and then 3 meals to about 6 months. Always provide water for your puppy.


We hope your puppy will be a valued member of your family for a long happy healthy lifetime. If you need any advice about your dog please call us we will be happy to help.






Date of Sale:


Declaration by New Owner’s

I/we confirm that I/we have read and had a full explanation of all the detail and meaning of this contract prior to purchase and I/we fully understand its purpose and reason. I/we also confirm that I/we are purchasing the dog for myself/ourselves and not as agents for a third party.




Signature of Breeder’s

We confirm that we are the breeder’s of said dog.